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Kotetsu (sometimes mistakenly written as Kotetu) is one of Hudson Soft's mascots and a recurring character in the Bomberman series.

The disciple of Honey, rival of Denta and fellow friend of White Bomberman, Kotetsu is a traditional samurai, only liking fair fights and holds back when fighting women and children, and even animals.

Like Honey, he is primarily a multi-player only character, existing to fill up a slot in the roster, rarely taking part in the games' plots.


In the past, he defeated and embarrassed Denta, and since then, Denta has considered him a rival, although Kotetsu himself doesn't remember when and what happened between them (ironically, even wanting revenge, Denta himself doesn't remember what happened either). He left his father's home to train under Honey, who trains him by making him do everything she wants. She also punishes him with verbal and physical beatings. With this, he is somewhat afraid of her, but holds her in high regards.

Super Bomberman 4[]

In his first appearance, in Super Bomberman 4, he was in a ship with White Bomberman, Honey, Black Bomberman, and fellow bombers when Bagura summoned the Four Bomber Kings and Bomber Great to send the ship and all the passengers back in time, to get revenge on White Bomber. Kotetsu was sent to the Edo Era and imprisoned in a cage by Jet Bomber, but in the end was rescued by White and Black bomberman and returned to his time after the fall of Bagura.

Bomberman B-Daman[]

Appears in the Data Select screen of the game along with Honey.

Saturn Bomberman[]

Appears as a playable character in Battle Mode.

Super Bomberman 5[]

In Super Bomberman 5, Honey and him end up being controlled by Terrorin and becoming Bomberman's enemies and one of the possible secret chiefs. He appears in three possible locations; ??1, ??2 and ??3 and is always fought alongside Honey. He moves at a random speed depending on which world he is fought, constantly searching for the player while dodging bombs. He doesn't damage the player upon collision, but if he is within the player's space, there is a probability that he slashes them with his sword. Unlike most of the game's boss fights, he can't collect items. He takes 2 hits to defeat (3 in 2P mode) and yields a score of 1000 points. When the player completes the game 100% or 200%, he and Honey stop being Bomberman's enemies and can be seen congratulating the player on the achievement.

Neo Bomberman[]

In Neo Bomberman, he was one of the many combatants who gathered together for the Bomberman Tournament. Bagular arrived in a mechanical machine and kidnapped him. he was trapped in a cage until finally being released by White and Black Bomberman.


Saturn Bomberman Fight!![]

In Saturn Bomberman Fight!!, he and Honey were invited to a tournament known as the "Bomber Convention", a tournament of the 18 strongest bomb warriors in the world that would grant one wish to the winner. Both decided to participate because it would be good for Kotetsu's training (in reality Honey wanted vast riches, such as a reward for capturing Golem Bomber), but in the end both lost.

Story Mode[]

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Bomberman Wars[]

Appears as a playable character.


  • Move -
  • Range -
  • Special -

Bomberman Party Edition[]

In Bomberman Party Edition, he appears as a playable character in Battle Mode, available when Advanced Mode is selected.


Kotetsu is a traditional, serious, polite and chivalrous samurai, speaking in polite, archaic dialect and holding honor and dignity in high respect. He is the opposite of his mistress. Only liking fair fights, he holds back when fighting women and children, and for Puipui, animals.


  • Kotetsu can attack and make shock waves with his sword to scatter the items of his enemies. There is no penalty on Kotetsu for using his sword.
  • In Super Bomberman 4, there are disguises of Honey and Kotetsu. The player receives one extra hit point, but they can only kick bombs.
  • In Neo Bomberman, pressing B and then up on the joystick will make Kotetsu warp to a random open position on the map in order to escape from danger.


  • Kotetsu makes a minor appearance in Bomberman GB 3, appearing on the moto select screen, if the player wrecked all motos, and also during the ending sequence.
  • Kotetsu appears in the Hudson Soft Edition of SameGame, along with Honey and White Bomberman.
  • Kotetsu appears as a nonogram picture in Pixel Puzzle Collection.
  • In Saturn Bomberman, Kotetsu can also be seen behind in the background, during the Bomber Catcher minigame.
  • In Saturn Bomberman Fight!!, Kotetsu says "Gozaru" at the end of his sentences. Gozaru is a very old, but polite, way of speaking in the samurai class in Japan. It also means "I daresay". It sounds similar to the word "Kosaru", meaning "little monkey", with the latter used for Puipui. This also refers to Kotetsu's kindness to animals and his refusal to hurt them, which he calls uncouth.


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