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Korobokkuru (コロボックル) is an enemy in Super Bomberman 3 and Super Bomberman 5. It is a small, primitive humanoid creature.


Super Bomberman 3[]

In Super Bomberman 3, Korobokkuru is found in Winterland. It moves at a normal pace, sometimes pursuing the player, sometimes not. When it moves left or right, it never walks. Instead, it curls up into a ball and jumps slowly, passing over the next tile and landing on the second tile over. When it encounters a bomb, it may also curl and jump. While it is evading bombs, it can even jump north or south. It can jump over bombs and walls, but can only jump if there is a free space on its potential landing point, the second tile away from its current position. It can, however, land on bombs or Soft Blocks that have been positioned onto its landing point while it is in mid-air; if this is the case, it will simply walk or jump off of the obstacle after landing.

While in the air, Korobokkuru evades all explosions. On the ground, it is vulnerable, but can also damage players on collision. It takes 1 hit to defeat and yields a score of 800 points.

Super Bomberman 5[]

In Super Bomberman 5, Korobokkuru is found in Zone 3. It takes 1 hit to defeat and yields a score of 800 points.


  • The name "Korobokkuru" refers to a race of small people who appear in Ainu folklore.
  • This enemy first appeared in an earlier Hudson Soft game, Neutopia II.


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