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Konami is a Japanese company with headquarters located in the center of Tokyo, Minato, Tokyo and other areas around the world. It is popular among the sale of cards, video games and anime. Some of the most popular games that were developed include: Dance Dance Revolution, Metal Gear, Pro Evolution Soccer/Winning Eleven and Yu-Gi-Oh!. Konami was founded on March 21, 1969.

In January 2011, Konami absorbed Hudson Soft and was fully merged in March 2012. This resulted in the acquisition of some famous Hudson series, Bomberman being one of them.

Video game series[]

Konami has developed numerous video games series, as well as being involved in some licensed series. Among others, some include:

Bomberman Series[]

Konami was involved with 12 Bomberman games:


  • Since Hudson Soft was fully absorbed into Konami, some Konami characters have made cameos in the Bomberman series. Namely, Belmont Bomber from the Castlevania series, and Pyramid Head Bomber from the Silent Hill series.

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