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Kombine3 is the fourth boss in Bomberman Max 2.


It is fought in the fourth zone, Toolshop Zone, and has the appearance of a giant robot. It is the guardian of the fourth Light Bulb Switch powering the Mini-Mini Device.

It start out at 3 separate entities that can combine into one single entity. there are 3 possible forms, each form having its own attacks. It can only be harmed when it is combined.


  • Kombined form 1: Launch a line of fire from both arms. The flames extend to the side of the screen and pass over blocks and walls. Harm the player on collision.
  • Kombined form 2: Shoot an electric ball, that will split into 4 laser beams that will go into 4 directions diagonally and pass over blocks. When reaching a wall, they will bounce back. Harm the player on collision.
  • Kombined form 3: Uses its hand magnets to move away any Bombs placed on the ground.
  • Each 2 hits, it while move to the center of the screen and splits into its 3 initial separate form, that move randomly on the screen and cannot be harmed. After a moment, it will combine again into one of its 3 forms.

It harms the player on collision and takes 8 hits to defeat.