Not to be confused with Bomber King.

King Bomber (also parsed KingBomber) is the main villain in the Bomberman Arcade series.


In the year 2091, Bomberman and King Bomber had become the best team in the popular robot contests. One day, King Bomber suddenly becomes evil and attacks mankind for unknown reasons. Bomberman and his brother Bomberman 2 stop him from taking over and force him and his men to do community service to atone for their crimes.

In the year 2092, King Bomber tried to reform but ended up reverting to his old ways. He commanded his robot armies throughout the world and took over the UN building. The Bomberman Brothers rose to the challenge and stopped him from taking over the world. After his second defeat, King Bomber's computer system was repaired and became protected against any future malfunctions. He was last seen working at a food stand serving Bomberman and his brothers.



  • King Bomber's role seems to parallel the early appearances of Black Bomberman, who is missing from Irem's games.
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