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Keibin (ケイビン, Keibin) is an enemy in the Bomberman series.


Super Bomberman[]

In Super Bomberman, Keibin is found in the Stage 3. It moves at a speed of 2, randomly turning or reversing at intersections, only changing directions when it collides with a Hard Block, bomb, or other enemy, can choose to reverse directions even if it is not at a dead end and can pass through Soft Blocks. It will harm the player on collision. It requires 3 hits to defeat and yields a score of 400 points.

Super Bomberman 5[]

In Super Bomberman 5, Keibin is found in Zone 1. It still phases through Soft Blocks, but does not change directions when on contact with other enemies. It only requires 2 hits to defeat and yields a score of 200 points.

Bomberman DS[]

It reappears in Bomberman DS, found in Area 3. It takes 2 hits to defeat and yields a score of 600 points.


  • The name "Keibin" comes from the Japanese word "keibi", meaning "guard".


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