For the member of the Five Dastardly Bombers also known as Karaoke Bomber, see Pretty Bomber.

Karaoke-Bomber[1] is one of the World Bombers, hailing from Japan. He is the fifth boss in Super Bomberman - Panic Bomber W. Like the other World Bombers, he was brainwashed by Bagura to cause chaos. After being defeated by Bomber-Man in Japan, he regained his consciousness.

Karaoke-Bomber loves to sing Enka, and possesses such skill that he can sing skillfully for an indefinite amount of time. As enthusiastic as his singing may be, he hides a strong will to fight, and is a dangerous opponent.[1] As a boss, he makes high stacks on the left and right sides, then clears them from the middle, often resulting in large chains.[2]


  • In later appearances of the World Bombers, his spot is taken by Bomberman himself.



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