I'm just a crab, just a lonely old crab...

Bomberman Quest

Kani Bubbler[1] (カニバブラー, literally Crab Bubbler), also known as Krabbler, is an enemy that first appeared in Bomberman Quest.

Bomberman Quest

Krabbler remains stationary, executing its attacks from the top of the screen. Occasionally, it will throw one of its claws at Bomberman. Its claws can reach any distance, and will return to Krabbler shortly after having reached their destination. Krabbler can also blow three big bubbles, which travel downward briefly before splitting into smaller pairs of bubbles. The smaller bubbles move in straight lines toward Bomberman, but will disappear if they collide with a wall. Krabbler, its claws, and its bubbles will harm Bomberman on collision.

If Bomberman stands near the entrance to Krabbler's area, he can throw Right Bombs with the Power Glove and damage the enemy, all while being able to safely retreat into the small entrance when Krabbler attacks. Krabbler has 6 HP and yields the Aqua Bomb upon its defeat.[2]

Pocket Bomberman

Kani Bubbler appears as the boss of the Ocean World.[1] It moves horizontally between three different positions, sidestepping. It may move quickly or slowly. When it is in the center of the screen, it can slowly move up or down between three positions. It will harm Bomberman on contact.

Kani Bubbler also has three other attacks.

  • It can throw bubbles on both of its sides, which arc upward and fall, disappearing on contact with the lowest floor.
  • It may also fire four bullets, one in each diagonal direction, which disappear upon collision with walls or bombs.
  • Its final attack is the release of two starfish, one from each side, which circle around the edges of the room, eventually disappearing. They can also be destroyed by explosions. All of Kani Bubbler's attacks will harm Bomberman on contact.

Each time Kani Bubbler is harmed, it will return to its middle position at the top of the screen and execute one of its attacks at random. Each consecutive time it is damaged, Kani Bubbler will remain at the top and execute a greater number random attacks. It has 7 HP.

Bomberman Tournament

Kani Bubbler moves slowly in a horizontal line, pursuing Bomberman. When it gets close, it will hop vertically toward him. It takes one bomb blast to defeat. However, because Kani Bubbler appears in the sea,[3] it can only be defeated with an Aqua Bomb.


  • "Krabbler", its name from the English version of Bomberman Quest, is a portmanteau of the words "crab" and "bubbler".



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