Kamikaze Bomber (Bonkee in Japanese) is a member of the Bomber Family and is a playable character in Bomberman '94. He is identified by his mohawk and pointy shades.

Kamikaze Bomber is a reckless character who sets bombs all around the map.


  • His Japanese name, Bonkee, is a portmanteau of Bomb and Yankee. In context, "Yankee" is a Japanese term for a young delinquent.
  • The name "Bonkee" was submitted by Toshiaki Suzumura from Aichi Prefecture, Japan.
  • In Bomberman '94, Kamikaze Bomber's head remains mostly white while his body and mohawk change colors to reflect the player's color for players three (red) and five (green). In Mega Bomberman, his head changes color while his mohawk matches the color of his hands and feet.
  • In Kamikaze Bomber's picture on the character select screen in-game, he appears to have several piercings on his face.
  • A later character, Metal Bomber, bears a striking resemblance to Kamikaze Bomber.


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