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Kamarin (カマリン, Kamarin) is an enemy in Saturn Bomberman.


Kamarin is a large praying mantis found in Samurai World. It moves at a moderate pace, randomly turning at intersections. It will harm the player on collision. When a bomb is positioned on the other side of a Hard Block on Kamarin's left or right side, it will reach over and poke the bomb with its left or right hand with a frightened face. This immediately detonates the bomb, and it does the same to Pierce Bombs, Power Bombs, Rubber Bombs and Remote Control Bombs. After that, it will look at the viewer, still with a scared face, while pointing to where the bomb is originally at. It takes 1 hit to defeat and yields a score of 400 points.


  • The name "Kamarin" comes from the Japanese word "kamakiri", meaning "praying mantis".
  • Kamarin is seen in the intro flying and carrying bombs.


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