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Kai-Man, also known as Shell, in the Japanese and even the early English translations, is a recurring Charabom character.

Bomberman Max[]

  • Location: Found in Area 1-10 (Blue Version).
  • Special Attack: Aqua Bomber

Bomberman Tournament[]


When Bomberman first finds Kai-Man, he is sick and under the care of Lana, who lives on High Mountain. Before he can be recruited, Bomberman must talk to a girl living in a house in BigOcean, in the same area as the entrance to ColdSea. Afterwards, players must bring Lana some Disinfect found in Lite Cave to cure Kai-Man's illness. He will then join the player's party.

Max Stats[]

Attribute:EleWater (Water)
SmallHp 180


Kai-Man needs to be set when entering the sea at BigOcean. He does not need to remain set while Bomberman is underwater.

He has to be fused with Pommy Knuckles to make Pommy Sea.

Special Attack[]

Kai-Man's Special Attack in battle is Wave; he summons a large tidal wave and sends it toward the opponent.

Bomberman Max 2[]

  • Location: Found in Area 3-03 (Blue Version)
  • Ability: Create a shield by pushing the B button, that would protect from any frontal projectile attack.

Bomberman Generation[]

  • Location: Found in OctoOcean, on OctoShoals.
  • Ability: Shield. Damages received from enemy attacks will be cut in half.

Bomberman Jetters[]

Kai-Man is found in Piped Pipes (World 1). His ability is to lessen the damage done to Bomberman. When he is leveled up, even less damage as possible is done.

Bomberman Jetters: Densetsu no Bomberman[]

Kai-Man is in the LV1 Charabom evolution in this game. He has the Shield ability. He can evolve into three additional forms, increasing further his shield ability.


  • Kai-Man's appearance is very similar to Coney.


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