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Kabuton (カブトン, Kabuton) is an enemy in Saturn Bomberman.


Kabuton is a large rhinoceros beetle found in the Samurai World. It moves at a moderate pace. It has a tendency to pace back and forth in a row or column next to the player, and will sometimes follow the player directly, depending on where the player is positioned in relation to it. It will harm the player on collision.

If Kabuton collides with a bomb, it will stop and use its horn to flip the bomb 3 tiles back behind itself. If the flipped bomb lands on an already used tile or an obstacle, it will bounce until reaching a safe tile, even screen wrapping to the other side of the map to find one.

Kabuton takes 1 hit to defeat and yields a score of 300 points.


  • The name "Kabuton" comes from the Japanese word "kabutomushi", meaning "rhinoceros beetle".
  • Kabuton is seen in the intro flying and carrying bombs.


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