Jump Zone (ボヨヨンジャンプ, Boyoyon Jump in Japan) is the 4th stage in the Battle Game of Super Bomberman. It appears to be located in Black Bomberman's Castle. The featured trap here is the Trampoline. The number and locations of the Trampolines are random. The number of Trampolines ranges from 11 to 16.


  • Traps: Trampoline
  • Soft Blocks: 55
  • Items: 19 (34%)
    • SB1BombUp SB1BombUp SB1BombUp SB1BombUp
    • SB1FireUp SB1FireUp SB1FireUp SB1FireUp
    • SB1SpeedUp SB1SpeedUp SB1SpeedUp
    • SB1Kick SB1Kick SB1Kick
    • SB1PowerGlove SB1PowerGlove SB1PowerGlove
    • SB1Skull SB1Skull


  • In the Japanese name for this stage, "boyoyon" is a Japanese sound effect for bouncing.
  • Contrary to the game, the official guidebook states that there can be 12 to 15 Trampolines.


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