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Jokkii Bomber, also known as Tankard Bomber, is the third boss of the Master Game in Saturn Bomberman.


Saturn Bomberman[]

He is the third member of the 5 Bomber Masters and is fought on the 12th floor of the Tower. As his name suggests, he carries two beer tankards with him at all times using them to speed himself up and as bizarre shields and projectiles.

Jokkii Bomber moves aimlessly around the arena. He swills from one beer tankard, causing him to turn red, speed up and gently chase Bomberman for 13 seconds. When he raises his arms triumphantly with an exuberant expression and drinks from both tankards, he turns one of his tankards into rocket projectiles that can detonate bombs. If bombs are placed nearby, he stops to shield them with his tankards, yet he is vulnerable to bombs in other directions. After shielding two attacks, Jokkii Bomber falls asleep and his snore clouds spawns micro Bombermen that look exactly like him. They move slowly and aimlessly around the arena. They will harm the player on collision. They take one hit to defeat and yields a score of 500 points, but Jokkii Bomber spawns more to replace them. When Bomberman shares Jokkii Bomber's X or Y axis or when Jokkii Bomber is left undisturbed for 16 seconds, Jokkii Bomber wakes up and gets back up.

Jokkii Bomber will harm the player on collision. He requires 6 hits to defeat and yields a score of 5000 points.

Bomberman Jetters[]

Tankard Bomber returned in the Bomberman Jetters anime alongside with the other Bomber Masters and Momo as the battle judges.