Jiriringer is the first of three final bosses in Super Bomberman 5. It is a large, flying, clock-shaped machine that is piloted by Terrorin. Upon its defeat, Jiriringer explodes to reveal its second form, Bell Roller.


Jiriringer begins by slowly moving down until it is vertically in the middle of the screen. It then lowers its two bomb-firing devices, which are shaped like the bells of an alarm clock, and lets out six bombs, three on each side, in two L-shaped chains. It then raises its bells and moves back up toward the top of the screen, moving two tile spaces to the left or right. The direction in which it moves is random. It then moves downward and repeats the process. It will damage players on collision.


Jiriringer's only weak point is its bomb-firing devices, while the holes are revealed. The recommended strategy is to hide above the topmost Hard Block on the very left or right side of the screen, as Jiriringer cannot move this far and thus cannot harm the player. As soon as Jiriringer begins to move downward, if the player moves down and places a bomb before retreating to the safe spot, the blast will be timed so that it hit the exposed bomb-firing device at the moment at which it is revealed. In this way, the player can damage Jiriringer multiple times without being exposed to much danger.


  • The literal name "Jiriringa" is derived from the Japanese word "jiriri", the sound of an alarm clock.


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