Jelly Fish (プニプニ, Squishy, in Japan) is an enemy that appears in Bomberman 64.[1] It floats through the air in places where the water has been drained. Jelly Fish moves very slowly and aimlessly, occasionally pausing to look around.[2]

Jelly Fish is an incredibly durable enemy, taking 19 bomb blasts to defeat. However, it flies high above the ground, evading bomb blasts and passing over Bomberman without hitting him. It may be stunned with a thrown bomb and then blasted while it is on the ground in order to deal damage to it. When it recovers from a stunned state, if it collides with Bomberman while it is low to the ground, it will stun him. Thrown Pumped Bombs will only stun it.

In Hard Mode, Jelly Fish moves more quickly and takes 20 hits to defeat.


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