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Oh no! I never thought of that! You stay away from my pot!

Jackenboxx, Bomberman Quest

Jackenboxx, known as Bikkuri (ビックリー, Bikkurī) in Japan, is an enemy in Bomberman Quest.


Jackenboxx is found in the Desert Zone. It first appears in a large pot, periodically emerging to spit three bullets, one after another, directly at Bomberman. It cannot be harmed with bombs while it is in the pot. Instead, Bomberman must lift the pot with the Power Glove and throw it against any wall, dealing damage to it. The pot travels in a straight line when thrown, so any throw will deal damage.

After taking four hits, the pot will break and Jackenboxx will emerge. It moves slowly and aimlessly, periodically spitting three bullets consecutively in the general direction in which it is facing. In this mode, it is vulnerable to explosions. Jackenboxx has a total 8 HP between both of its forms, and it yields the Wings upon its defeat.[1]


  • The Japanese name "Bikkurī" comes from the word "bikkuri", meaning "surprise".


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