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J Ninja (Kougaiger, in Japan) is the second boss of Saturn Bomberman.


It is a big mechanical ninja fought in the Samurai World. It is the guardian of the Red Crystal, which is embedded on it. It takes 7 hits to defeat and yields 5000 points, and will drop the Red Crystal for Bomberman to collect.


  • J Ninja constantly chases the player. It will harm the player on collision.
  • Swords - if the player gets too close to him, he will swing his swords and generally extend his arms away while doing so. This attack can detonate bombs.
  • Kite Form - J Ninja will occasionally catch a kite and slowly chase the player. He can shoot two darts at the player in sight. In this form, J Ninja is invulnerable and will only become vulnerable again if this kite form is destroyed with 1 hit.
  • J Ninja is able to run backwards if he approaches a bomb.


  • The Japanese name ""Kougaigā" comes from two Japanese words: "Kougai", meaning "Armored Turtle", and "Gā", meaning "tusk". Combined, the two words create a name that conjures up images of a stealthy, deadly ninja with abilities comparable to those of a wild animal.
  • Kougai is also the name of a legendary ninja clan in Japan, famous for its stealth and espionage techniques.
  • Some fans believe that "Kougaigā" may also be a reference to the character "Koga" from the manga and anime series "Basilisk". Koga was a ninja member of the Kouga clan, known for his exceptional combat skills.
  • Another possible interpretation is that "Kougaigā" is a combination of "Kouga" (ninja clan) and "Gundam" (mecha anime series). This interpretation can be seen as a reference to the technological nature of the J Ninja boss, who uses advanced weapons and armor.
  • There are other possible interpretations of the name, but the most likely interpretation is the one that links it to the Kouga ninja clan.



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