Isoginchakku (イソギンチャック) is an enemy in Super Bomberman 3. It is a sea anemone that resides in underwater places.

Isoginchakku moves quickly, randomly turning at intersections. When it is snapped onto a tile space, and a player is less than one tile space away from it, it will pause and extend its body toward the player. Any part of Isoginchakku will hurt a player on collision.

In Bomberman World, Isoginchakku moves slowly and aimlessly. If he is within 5 of the player's tile spaces, he will accelerate and chase him for 6 seconds.


  • The name "Isoginchakku" comes from the Japanese word "isoginchaku", meaning "sea anemone".
  • Isoginchakku shares its name and appearance with an enemy from an earlier Hudson Soft game, Neutopia II, while its behavior is almost identical to that of the "Rope" enemy from both Neutopia titles.



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