Iron Mask Bomber (鉄仮面ボンバー, Tetsukamen Bonbā, in Japanese) is a boss from Super Bomberman 5 and is a member of the Fiendish Bombers. He is one of three possible bosses in Zone 4. His arena includes 3 Rogians and a Pit Hole, and he starts the battle riding Warooi. He can use Pierce Bombs and has both the Punch and Kick abilities. Once his Rooi is destroyed, he will summon Rogians onto the battlefield by electrokinesis, but will only do so when the total number of Rogians in the arena drops below 3. The Exits will not appear unless both Iron Mask Bomber and all of the enemies are defeated.


  • Even though he is often pictured holding an ax, he does not use it in his boss fight.
  • He has the most seniority out of all the prisoners in Bomber Prison.
  • It is unknown what Iron Mask Bomber's crimes really are. The instruction manual hints that he is an ax murderer.


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