Indy Bomber (aka Bomberman in the game's text) is the protagonist of Bomberman GB 2 based off famed film character Indiana Jones. He embarked on a long journey to uncover the "Legendary Treasure", which was said to have the ability to grant wishes.[1] He was distinguished by his hat, jacket and boots. His signature ability was the Whip and can ride the Moto Bomber.

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At the end of Bomberman GB 2, Indy Bomber located the Legendary Treasure, which turned out to be a ring. However, he decided to leave the ring where it rested.

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According to the Japanese instruction booklet (where his unique name originates), he is the "grandfather" of Bomberman. Given his distinctive hat, he also shares a resemblance to the original pre-NES Bomber Man design, which this description may be referencing.


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