In the Gutter (みずのせせらぎ, Stream of Water, in Japan) is the seventh stage in the Battle Mode of Bomberman 64. It is unlocked when all six worlds of the Story Mode have been cleared. The stage is covered in a stream of water, which flows to the left or right, carrying bombs and players with the flow. Periodically, the water may change directions or stop flowing. The direction of the water's flow is indicated by the Mischievous Boy atop the middle pillar.

It is more difficult to move against the flow, and very easy to move in its direction. Moving with the flow can make for quicker escapes. The pillars may be used to keep from being swept too far by the stream. The recommended method of attack is to kick bombs toward opponents who are upstream, moving against the flow. This gives the player more control over the placement of his or her character, and also allows the player to quickly escape from the opponent.

When Sudden Death begins, the left and right walls will start to close in on the stage.


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