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Haha! Can you withstand my power? Let's go, Ika-ringer!

Aqua Bomber, Bomberman World

Ikaringer is a boss in Bomberman World and Bomberman GB 3.

Bomberman World[]

In Bomberman World, it is the fourth boss, fought on Planet Ocean. Its pilot is Aqua Bomber. It takes 10 hits to defeat and yields a score of 10,000 points.


  • Ikaringer moves quickly, pursuing the player. It passes over bombs and will damage Bomberman on contact.
  • Vulcan Sucker - Ikaringer stops and lays its arms down. It then proceeds to fire six shots out of either its left or right arm, and will then fire seven more shots out of its other arm. The shots are fired quickly out of the screen in all directions and will damage the player on contact. Each successive shot is fired at the next clockwise angle. Ikaringer only executes this attack if Bomberman is behind or very far from it. The attack can be completely avoided if the player positions Bomberman directly in front of or behind Ikaringer.
  • Sucker Hammer - Ikaringer raises one arm and then swings it in an attempt to hit the player. Its arm reaches over several tile spaces and is swung in a 90 degree curve. Bomberman will take damage if he is hit by the arm. Ikaringer only uses this attack if Bomberman is directly in front of it when it is ready to execute an attack.
  • Water Wave - If Bomberman is in front of Ikaringer but a little off to the side when it is ready to attack, the boss may lower both arms and produce a wave of water from each of them. Each water wave is four tile spaces wide and moves quickly, tile space by tile space, toward the bottom of the screen. Bomberman will be harmed if he is hit by this attack.

Bomberman GB 3[]

In Bomberman GB 3, it reappears as the 6th boss, fought on the Aqua Stage. It requires 6 hits to defeat it and yields 4 Bomber Capsules upon defeat.

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  • "Ika" is a Japanese word for "squid".


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