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It's c-c-cold in here! Let me out of here, p-p-please!

Iceal, Bomberman Quest

Iceal (アイスモン, Aisumon, in Japan) is an enemy that appears in Bomberman Quest.


Iceal is found in the Beach Zone. When it first appears, it is encased in a chunk of ice. After taking three HP of damage, the ice will break and Iceal will begin to quickly pursue Bomberman, speeding up and moving in a straight line if it lines up with him horizontally or vertically. Iceal will harm Bomberman on collision, even while it is encased in ice.

A Landmine can be placed in front of Iceal in order to deal damage more easily, since it always pursues Bomberman. It has 7 HP and yields the Ice Shard upon its defeat.[1]


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