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The Hyper Room is the second level of Planet Bomber in Bomberman Hero. It is also the second level of the first area Bomber Base. The Rank 5 target score for this level is 4000 (3000 for Japanese version).

The level has two separate exits. The main exit requires a Card Key to open it (not in the Japanese version).


The Hyper Room is mainly a straightfoward level that has two teleporters. There are also more enemies such as FuwaFuwas and Training Robos.


White Bomber continues his training in the Hyper Room where he uses teleporters for the first time. After many enemy battling later, White Bomber completes the level and continues on.



Adok Bombs[]

There are no Adok Bombs present in this level.

Alternate Exit[]

Bomberman Hero Hyper Room Alt Exit

Bomberman taking the alternate exit to the Secret Room.

The alternate exit is located on the far right side of the level. Bomberman needs to use a teleporter to get over there. When Bomberman crosses through that exit, then he could access the Secret Room.

Japanese and Western Version Differences[]

Changes to the Western version:

  • A transceiver is added to the start of the level explaining the conveyor belt switches.
  • Three blue gems on the right conveyor are adjusted to be equidistant.
  • Three blue gems are added to the right belt in the second set of conveyor belts.
  • The safety vest on the left belt of the second set of conveyors is placed further away from the bomb powerup.
  • The blue gems on the big conveyor belt are adjusted to be equidistant.
  • A card key is required for the exit leading to Heavy Room.
    • The door to Heavy Room is changed to reflect this.
    • The area around the Heavy Room door was widened to accommodate for the wider card key door.
  • A transceiver down and to right of the Heavy Room exit explaining the card key mechanic was added.
  • No gold heart on the left side behind the FuwaFuwa.
  • A card key is added just after the first warp pad.
  • FuwaFuwa added in front of the rainbow gem and pink gem at the end of the left path.
  • No 1-up just before the bars after the Secret Room exit.
  • A gold gem is inside of the left box at the far end of the right path instead of a bomb powerup.
Japanese Version Western Version
BHero Hyper Room JP 1 BHero Hyper Room EN 1
BHero Hyper Room JP 2 BHero Hyper Room EN 2
BHero Hyper Room JP 3 BHero Hyper Room EN 3
BHero Hyper Room JP 4 BHero Hyper Room EN 4
BHero Hyper Room JP 5 BHero Hyper Room EN 5