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Hurricommander, Bomberman Quest

Hurricommander (ハリケーンコマンダー, Hurricane Commander, in Japan) is a member of the Four Commanders, a group of thieves led by Chaos Bomber. Appearing as a boss in the game Bomberman Quest, he is able to manipulate wind at will, and has the ability of flight. He can also create waterspouts and tornadoes. He rules the Beach Zone.


In Bomberman Quest, the Four Commanders stole the four engines of the Bomber Shuttle that Bomberman was flying, forcing him to make an emergency landing on a nearby planet. Seeking to recover the engines, Bomberman confronted Hurricommander in the Beach Zone.

Being self-confident, Hurricommander offered

Artwork from the Bomberman Quest Official Guidebook

Bomberman the chance to leave, but Bomberman was determined to fight. After being defeated, Hurricommander was imprisoned with the recaptured monsters.


Hurricommander is self-confident, pretentious, cocky and a little narcissistic, being an flexible manipulator. He likes to get things done and see a plan through to its completion.

Boss Fight

Hurricommander's bombs explode in a cross shape and have a Fire range of 3. He flies around randomly and will not harm Bomberman on collision. He has 10 HP and yields the third engine as well as an Explosive Core upon his defeat.


  • Hurricommander flies through the air, and thus evades normal bomb explosions.
  • Hurricommander's Search Bomb will fly toward Bomberman in a straight line, detonating when it hits the ground.
  • Hurricommander sends out four tornadoes, which spin around him in an expanding circular pattern. The tornadoes cannot harm Bomberman, but will push bombs aside.
  • When a bomb is thrown to him, he will teleport to a different part of the room. As a result, he cannot be stunned by thrown bombs.


  • Hurricommander can only be harmed with bombs that have circular explosions, such as the Flak Bomb. Because he can teleport, it is difficult to hit him with a thrown bomb. If the Flak Bomb has a Fire stat of 3, it will last longer on screen; thus, Bomberman can place a couple of Flak Bombs on the floor and wait for Hurricommander to fly into the resulting explosions.
  • The Jump Shoes may be equipped so that Bomberman can dodge Hurricommander's incessant Search Bomb attacks.


  • Hurricane's name was likely shortened in the English version due to space limitations - "Hurricane Commander" is 19 letters long, whereas the game can only display 16 on one row.



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