Housing Bomber is a combined Bomberman who first appeared in the Bomberman Jetters anime in "The Mysterious Man, Max!". He was created when Shout's boomerang knocked the "Combined Bomberman Making Machine" towards the sheriff's house.

Once it was created, it stepped on the boomerang and the sheriff's badge, causing Shout and even Mujoe to tell White Bomber to defeat it. However, a mysterious person grabs Housing Bomber's sign, which was revealed to be the real sheriff's badge. The mysterious person was revealed to be Max. Before Housing Bomber could do anything, Max pointed out that he left a Thunder Bomb on the spot where the badge was. Housing Bomber was defeated.


Housing Bomber's appearance is that of the sheriff's house. It grew limbs and has eyes, as well as an antenna behind its head.


  • Chimney Bomb - Chimney Bomb is Housing Bomber's special bomb, although it was not used.


  • Excluding the Bomber Shitennou, Housing Bomber is the only combined Bomberman not to enter the B-1 Grand Prix.


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