Hey, you there! Let's dance! Come on and play with me!

Hoopster, Bomberman Quest

Hoopster (ファニー, Funny, in Japan) is an enemy that appears in Bomberman Quest. It moves around aimlessly, occasionally stopping to throw its hula hoop at Bomberman. The hula hoop returns to Hoopster like a boomerang, and will harm Bomberman on collision.

Hoopster's area consists of two large platforms and one small platform, all divided by wide pits. If Bomberman gets close to Hoopster, it will teleport to the other large platform. By using the Wings to get to the large platform in the middle, the player gains an advantage, displacing the monster to the smaller platform. Homing Bombs can then be thrown with the Power Glove to take the monster down. Hoopster has 5 HP and yields a Fire item upon its defeat.[1]


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