The title "Hoop Ghost" is unofficial because the subject's actual title is unknown.

Hoop Ghost is the first boss of Neo Bomberman. It appears in the final area of Stage 1.


  • Hoop Ghost moves in clockwise circles around the map, slowly pursuing the player. During this phase, it is invulnerable to attacks, and will not harm the player.
  • While Hoop Ghost is moving, if a player is underneath it, it will stop and drop to the floor. At this point, it becomes vulnerable, and will harm the player on collision. After some time, the boss will rise back up off of the ground and resume its normal movement pattern. The maximum amount of time that the boss spends on the floor decreases every time it is hit by an explosion.
  • After sustaining 3 bomb blasts, Hoop Ghost will throw slime onto random tile spaces. Players who walk on the slime will move much more slowly than usual. Slime can be destroyed by an explosion. No more than 13 tile spaces may be covered with slime at the same time.


By placing bombs before walking under the boss and causing it to drop, there is a better chance that the bombs will explode before the boss rises. This becomes a necessary strategy as Hoop Ghost takes more damage and spends less time on the ground.

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