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Hiryu is a B-Daron in Bomberman B-Daman Bakugaiden. He appears in episode 04.

Bakugaiden IV[]

Hiryu is Black Bomber's B-Daron; a purple dragon. He often goes into town, wearing a trench coat and a hat to disguise himself, so he can do certain tasks for Black Bomber. He looks very powerful, but is actually friendly, innocent and harmless, and would not even hurt a fly. His ability is Dragon Breath.

In the anime, Hiryu becomes corrupted when a meteorite lands in B-Da Canyon and he is exposed to Dark Energy. He goes on a rampage until White Bomber and his friends show up to try and stop him. He is subdued when attacked by a gatling shot by Black Bomber in his Black Gattlinger. While unconscious, Red Bomber uses her B-Da Energy to cure him.

In the manga, Hiryu is attacked by Drakken who attacks him with Dark B-Da shots. This event is also illustrated in B-Daman Bakugaiden Picture Book 2 where Drakken is seen fighting the heroes alongside a corrupted Hiryu.

Anime-related games[]

B-Daman Victory heno Michi[]

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