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Hippity-hop, Bomberman Quest

Hippity-hop, known as Usapyon (ウサピョン, Usapyon) in Japan, is an enemy in Bomberman Quest.


Hippity-hop is found in the Desert Zone. It bounces around quickly and aimlessly, sometimes stopping to make a large leap directly at Bomberman. Throwing Homing Bombs with the Power Glove is an easy way to deal damage to the enemy, and the Safety Shoes will protect Bomberman from the Spikes on the floor if they are equipped. Hippity-hop will harm the player on collision. Hippity-hop has 5 HP and yields an Explosive Core upon its defeat.[1]


  • The Japanese name "Usapyon" comes from "usagi", meaning "rabbit", and "pyon", an onomatopoeic word for hopping.


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