Hero Bomber (Bomber Hero in Japanese and dubbed Hero Bomberman by Atlus) is a Bomberman who takes the appearance of a knight. He first appeared in Bomberman World.

Bomberman World

In Bomberman World, Hero Bomber is a selectable character in Battle Mode. As an opponent, he has a strong offense, and will relentlessly attack other competitors when he closes in on them.

Bomberman Wars

In Bomberman Wars, Bomber Hero is one of the strongest units available, though in the Quest Mode he is only available during the very first match.

In the game's story, the Bomber King was once a Bomber Hero. He and his companions - Bomber Fighter, Bomber Cleric, Bomber Witch, and Bomber Thief - saved a village from a rampaging Lizard Man, which is an event played as a tutorial. As the Bomber King, he protects the people of Bomberland by leading his forces against the Dark Force Bombers.


  • Move - 3
  • Range - 3
  • Special - N/A



End 5

The Sword of the Sun is pulled.

  • In Pocket Bomberman, the protagonist, referred to only as Bomberman but wearing the clothing of a Bomber Fighter, appears to transform into a Hero Bomber after pulling the Sword of the Sun from its resting place.


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