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The Hard Block, originally called Concrete (コンクリート) according to the NES manuals, is a core element of Bomberman gameplay. It usually composes the defining grid-shaped patterns of each stage. Hard Blocks are indestructible.


In a standard Bomberman game, Hard Blocks always appear enough places to keep the map in a grid. Players must navigate around them, and Bomb blasts are restricted by them. Bombs (and sometimes players) can be thrown over them or bounced across them. Players and enemies can not pass through those blocks, however in some games, if the player is riding some creatures or vehicles, such as Charaboms, Louies, Tirras or Bomber Moto, they would be granted to jump over them; some enemies also have a similar ability as well.

In Sudden Death Mode, Hard Blocks will turn into Pressure Blocks and will fall all around the screen, covering the arena and destroying Bombs or players caught under them.


Much like the Soft Blocks, the Hard Blocks have various designs, and its overall appearance differs from one map to another based on the area's theme. As such, the players should analyze the design of the new maps, and be able to quickly distinguish an Hard Block from a Soft Block.

In some games, such as Bomberman Hardball, players are able to change the appearance of the Hard Blocks (along with those of the Soft Blocks) for the Battle Mode stages through some options.

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