Hammer Bomber is a member of the Four Bomber Kings, and one of the main villains of the Super Bomberman 4. He is green in appearance, with one massive yellow eye on the left and a spiky, extendable "hammer" attached to his left arm. His special ability is to swing it around several squares, but it's not lethal; it just scatters his foes' items in various directions.


After Bagura's original body was caught in the exploding Battleship and his brain managed to escape in Super Bomberman 3, he created Bomber Great and the Four Bomber Kings to assassinate White Bomberman, as well as substitute the fallen Dastardly Bombers.

In Super Bomberman 4, while Bagura was planning his revenge, White Bomberman enjoyed a moment of rest with Black Bomberman and their friends while returning home on a space shuttle. All passengers were unaware that the Four Bomber Kings were approaching the shuttle, and they strike the ship. A time hole in space is created that transports White and Black to the prehistoric age. Hammer Bomber was part of the operation through time to change the past and capture White and his friends, capturing Red, Blue, and Green. Being the Bomber King who caught the greatest number of White's friends, he was the first villain to confront White, appearing as the boss of the Primeval Era. He was defeated by White and Black, but returned in Hyperspace for a rematch. He was unsuccessful.


He has a distinctive physical, having superhuman strength and being violent. He gets angry easily.


  • Pierce Bomb - Hammer Bomber's standard bomb is the Pierce Bomb.
  • Hammer - Hammer Bomber swings his "hammer", a spiked ball on a chain attached to his arm, around in a circle. The ball sweeps outward and then back inward. When it hits opponents, it scatters their items and stuns them shortly. This ability can be used without any hindrances.
  • Hammer Bomber also retains the same general ability that the other Bomber Kings have: Becoming a "comet."


  • Hammer Bomber and his allies are the first villain Bombermen to be made playable characters (with the exception of other colored Bombermen and Pretty Bomber). They are also the first to sport special abilities.
  • Although his weapon is referred to as a "hammer", it is closer to a flail or morning star.
  • Hammer Bomber is the only member of the Four Bomber Kings that uses a special type of bomb.
  • It is probable that Megaton Bomber is based on Hammer Bomber. Both lack one eye and use a ball and chain.
  • Unlike the other Bomber Kings (aside from Lady Bomber), Hammer Bomber doesn't become defenseless after using his power.


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