Haguhagu is a ridable enemy from Super Bomberman 4. He comes from a biological Egg.

Haguhagu remains in his start position on the map, never moving, making Haguhagu the only rideable enemy in Super Bomberman 4 to be inactive. If there is a free tile space next to him, he will create a Soft Block on that space. It takes a few seconds to generate a Soft Block, and Soft Blocks that are beginning to appear cannot be destroyed. If Haguhagu is entirely trapped within Soft Blocks, he will fall asleep, showing by the clear transparent snot bubble, until his barrier is broken, shown by Haguhagu getting startled when the barrier is broken. He will harm the player on collision.

Upon defeat, Haguhagu becomes a biological Egg. In Battle Mode, he can be found randomly in Eggs that are uncovered in Soft Blocks, but only after the password 0164 has been entered.


Players who ride Haguhagu can destroy all Soft Blocks on the map by pressing the Y button.


  • His name comes from the Japanese word "hagu", roughly meaning "to remove". This refers to his special ability.
  • His artwork shows that Haguhagu's eyebags are red and white, but in his sprite, they are blue and red.
  • As an enemy, Haguhagu's eyes are normal. But as a rideable character, Haguhagu's eyes are derpy.



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