Hades Crater is a level that appears in the game Bomberman Hero. It is the first level of Area 1 of the Kanatia Star, Lavana Volcano, and it can be accessed from defeating Baruda from the Primus Star. The target score for this level is 3000.


Hades Crater is mainly a linear level that goes downward. It appears to take place inside of a volcano.


The main objective for this level is to destroy the four switches to make the gate open. Since this level takes place in the air going down a volcano, the Bomber Copter is needed. This level is very easy to earn the target score due to all of the items being near each others and no hidden ones. Completing this level allows White Bomberman to head to the next level, Magma Lake.

Adok Bomb

There is no Adok Bombs present on this level.


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