Hades (Spriggan in Japanese) is the guardian of the anchor connecting Red Mountain to Altair's base of operations, Black Fortress.

He was originally a machine for mining, but Orion remodeled it into a fighting machine, which he drives and controls in battle. In Stage 4, Bomberman fights Hades on a platform surrounded by lava. Hades will try to stun Bomberman by punching him, and then attack with eye lasers. He may also spin around with the intent of knocking Bomberman into the lava. To avoid this, Bomberman must stay as close to Hades as possible, rather than far, as his arms will not harm him. The main part of his body is his weak spot. If his arms are destroyed, he may fire boulders from his hat, or he might dip under the lava, and do a single eye laser, with one eye and then the other. When he does this, if a pumped bomb is bounced off his head, he will be stunned, and the door on him will open up to reveal Orion. A bomb can be thrown at him; if it is a pumped bomb, then, regardless of how much HP he has left, he will be destroyed. This is a convenient way to beat him by target time, as he has 5 hearts, each one equal to one pumped bomb explosion. Once Bomberman defeated Hades, it sank, exploding, into the lava, with the door open and leaving Orion unprotected from the molten magma as he sank to a fiery fate.

This battle robot made a surprise appearance in Bomberman Portable, as the boss of the Lava World. It fought in style suiting the 2D gameplay. It is unknown who piloted it in this appearance, or it was configured to be automated, though it's speculated that Bagura modified Hades to be automated.

Gold Cards

  1. Blow up his left hand
  2. Blow up his right hand
  3. Blow up his hat
  4. Bounce a pumped bomb off his head and throw a bomb at Orion
  5. Defeat him by target time



  • "Hades" is named after the Greek god of the Underworld.
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