Gueru is an enemy in the Bomberman series. It is a small frog monster that moves by hopping around the map.

Super Bomberman 3

In Super Bomberman 3, Gueru appears on the planet First Star. It moves at a normal speed in increments of two tile spaces, "hopping" over the middle tile. It can pass over both blocks and bombs. Its movement is random in direction, although it will never reverse directions unless it finds itself at a dead end. Occasionally, it will pause while on the ground. If it finds itself unable to jump to another tile space, it will remain idle on the ground. It is able to land on bombs that are created while it is in the air.

While Gueru is jumping, it cannot be damaged by explosions. It can only hurt the player while it is on the ground.

Bomberman Tournament

In Bomberman Tournament, Gueru appears in the South Forest of the Beach Zone. Its movement pattern is retained from its earlier appearance, but in this game, Gueru actively seeks Bomberman, adjusting its direction to follow him with every jump that it makes.


This enemy first appeared in the earlier Hudson Soft games Neutopia and Neutopia II.
Neutopia 2

Gueru as he appeared in Neutopia but under name Frogger



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