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Grounder Pounder is the first boss in Bomberman Generation.


It is a large elephant that is brought to the field by the tribesmen that live on Tentasia, with two trunks and six legs. Upon entering the arena, several large Japanese characters appear as it roars.

Boss Fight[]

Pounder will stomp around and knock any bombs away in its path. It will occasionally slam its entire body against the ground and the shockwave will knock any bombs on the field or carried by the player away. Its other attack is where it stations itself in one place and fires bombs from its trunk. Pounder is vulnerable at all times and can be hit anywhere with a bomb blast.


  • Max may shows up during the fight, depending on the player's and boss HP and will toss a bomb, resulting in 1 HP damage to the boss, and leaves a Heart for the player to pick it up.