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Groog Hills is a level that appears in Bomberman Hero. It is the first level overall on the Primus Star and the first level of Area 1: Woods of Esuram. The Rank 5 target score for this level is 6000 (5500 for Japanese version).


Groog Hills is mainly a grassland-like level with many enemies called Groogs around. There are also ferocious Byiroza enemies that are rather difficult to take down. After Bomberman hits the large Freeze Flower, the whole area turns icy and the water freezes.


The objective is for Bomberman to reach the end. This can be done without freezing the area, but in order to get the perfect target score the area must be frozen. After making past this level, Bubble Hole will become accessible.


Adok Bombs[]

There are no Adok Bombs found in this level.

Treasure Hunt[]

Japanese and Western Version Differences[]

Changes to the Western version:

  • No bomb powerup next to tree at the start of the stage.
  • Two blue gems to the right of the bull at the start instead of two pink gems.
    • The right of these two gems is moved slightly back to align it with the other.
  • Bomb powerup behind and to the right of these two gems instead of a firepower.
  • Two pink gems and a gold gem were added above the first lake (when the stage freezes over they come down, in the Japanese version these three gems do exist but are only present when the stage freezes).
  • A Blue gem above the second mushroom was moved slightly forward and to the right, centering it.
  • A Blue gem was added above the box before the warp.
  • A Box was added around the heart past the warp.
  • A Firepower on the small island area instead of a gold heart.
  • All of the items on the second lake have been moved significantly up (again, they descend when the stage freezes. these ones are always present in the Japanese version, however).
  • A Blue gem at the far right of the stage instead of a pink gem.
  • A Blue gem above the mushroom to the right of the exit instead of a heart.
    • The blue gem is higher than where the heart was, as well.
  • A heart in front of the exit instead of a 1-up.
  • Freezing the stage causes the items above the lake to descend. Almost all of the items are positioned differently, with a general rule that they are all raised higher.
    • The heart is more forward than it was as a 1-up.
    • The rightmost blue gem in front of the exit is moved back a tiny bit.
    • The leftmost blue gem on the second lake is moved forward a bit.
    • The second blue gem in this series is moved left a bit.
    • The third blue gem in this series is moved left and back a bit.
    • The gold gem was moved right a bit.
    • The second pink gem was moved left a bit.
    • The gold gem and two pink gems above the first lake are moved left a bit.
  • Multiple new Groogs enemies are added when the stage freezes over.
    • A Groog enemy was added to the front of the exit.
    • To the right of the exit, next to the mushrooms.
    • To the left of the exit, on the frozen lake.
    • To the left of the three blue gems on the second lake.
    • To the right of three gems on the first lake.
    • To the left of three gems on the first lake.
    • To the far left of the stage, where Bomberman spawns in.
    • To the left of where the two blue gems at the start are (in the same spot the Groog enemy is at before the stage is frozen).
    • No Groog enemy behind and to the left of the first lake.
Japanese Version Western Version
BHero Groog Hills JP 1 BHero Groog Hills EN 1
BHero Groog Hills JP 2 BHero Groog Hills EN 2
BHero Groog Hills JP 3 BHero Groog Hills EN 3
BHero Groog Hills JP 4 BHero Groog Hills EN 4
BHero Groog Hills JP 5 BHero Groog Hills EN 5
BHero Groog Hills JP 6 BHero Groog Hills EN 6
BHero Groog Hills JP 7 BHero Groog Hills EN 7
BHero Groog Hills JP 8 BHero Groog Hills EN 8
BHero Groog Hills JP 9 BHero Groog Hills EN 9
BHero Groog Hills JP 10 BHero Groog Hills EN 10
BHero Groog Hills JP 11 BHero Groog Hills EN 11