Oh, it's me that's burning? Oh, OK! I guess that means I don't have to be afraid of fire then! Ha ha!

Grein, Bomberman Quest

Grein (グレイン Gurein) is an enemy in the Bomberman series. It is a fire spirit that appears in hot or rocky areas.


Super Bomberman 3/Super Bomberman 5

Grein moves slowly, turning randomly at corners. It tends to stay around the same part of the screen. Every now and then, it will on a tile and spawn flames, much like a bomb explosion, in a range of two. The spawned flames will eventually disappear, and then Grein will continue to move about. The flames detonate bombs and damage players on contact. Grein itself also damages players on collision. It takes one bomb blast to defeat.[1]

Bomberman Quest

Grein moves quickly and aimlessly. It often stops and throws three fireballs in rapid succession at the player, which will cause damage on contact. Each fireball moves exactly to the point at which the player was standing when the fireball was spawned.

Grein can only be harmed by the Ice Bomb. It has 5 HP and yields the Scuba Gear upon defeat.[2]

Bomberman Max

Grein moves quickly, randomly turning or reversing directions at intersections, and passing through Soft Blocks. As it moves, it leaves flames behind on open tilespaces, creating a trail of fire that is up to two tilespaces in length. Both Grein and the fire it leaves behind will damage the player on contact. It takes one bomb blast to defeat.

Bomberman Tournament

Grein appears not as an enemy character, but as a trap. It periodically leaps out of lava and, at the peak of its jump, spits a bullet directly at Bomberman, which will harm him on impact.[3] It is not named in the official guide book, but its behavior is identical to its original behavior in Neutopia II. Grein cannot be harmed in this game.


  • The Japanese name "Gurein" is a variation on the word "Guren", which means "Crimson."
  • This enemy first appeared in the earlier Hudson Soft games Neutopia and Neutopia II. In those games, Grein jumps out of lava and spits fire at the player.
    Neutopia 4

    Grein as he appears in Neutopia.



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