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Green Trooper[1] (グリーン戦闘員, Gurīn Sentō-in) is an enemy in Bomberman 64.


Green Troopers are elite soldiers of Altair who only appear in Black Fortress. They are high class commanders over the other Troopers, and are each equipped with a long-range rifle.[2] They move aimlessly at a normal pace, occasionally pausing to look around, and will stun Bomberman on collision. If a Green Trooper catches Bomberman within his line of sight, he will stop moving and fire his rifle. The bullet moves quickly in a straight line and will harm Bomberman on impact.

Each Green Trooper takes one bomb blasts to defeat, and a single Pumped Bomb thrown on top of him will defeat him as well. In Hard Mode, they move and fire very quickly, and take two bomb blasts to destroy.


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