Gossick Star is the secret planet in the game Bomberman Hero. The player must collect Gold Medals (or a perfect score of 5 on every stage) on the other five planets and collect all 24 Adok Bombs to access this level. It is the shortest planet with only two levels and a boss fight to be played.

The planet is actually a piece of the planet Owen that was destroyed in Bomberman GB 3. It is a mountainous looking planet with a few visible areas that are filled with machines. It is the only planet in the game to be rendered in 2D instead of 3D.


Area 1: Gossick Star

  • Outer Road
  • Inner Road
  • Vs. ???


  • "Gossick" sounds similar to the Japanese pronunciation of the word Gothic. It may be a deliberate corruption of the word, or a failed transliteration from Japanese.


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