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GolemGhost is the fourth and penultimate boss of Bomberman Tournament. He is the result of Golem Bomber fusing with SeaWing.


GolemGhost begins the fight by summoning four Zombies, which emerge from the ground in random locations. The Zombies move slowly and aimlessly, and will harm Bomberman on collision. Each Zombie only takes one hit to destroy, but once it is removed from the field, it will return on the left or right side of the screen in a Bad Bomber ship, and will be able to throw bombs at Bomberman one at a time. The thrown bombs have a Fire range of three. When all four Zombies have been defeated, GolemGhost will immediately resurrect them.

GolemGhost himself moves slowly, passing over all obstacles. He constantly stops and shoots fire bullets in Bomberman's direction. The flames move quickly in straight lines and will harm Bomberman on impact.

When GolemGhost is hit with a blast, he will shoot lightning from his hands, which will fall upon any Zombies which are still on the field. Those Zombies will then explode in blasts with Fire ranges of nine. Once those Zombies are gone, GolemGhost will resurrect them, and only them, regardless of the number of Zombies that are in Bad Bomber ships. While resurrecting or destroying Zombies, GolemGhost is shielded in a green aura, and cannot be harmed.

Boss Scene GB

Scene from the Guide Book

The recommended strategy is to destroy three of the four Zombies and leave the fourth one in play. This leaves more room for Bomberman to move and dodge GolemGhost's fire bullets. Also, once GolemGhost has been hit, there will only be one Zombie to explode at full range, and only that Zombie will be resurrected.

GolemGhost has ten hit points in total. Upon his destruction, SeaWing is returned to Bomberman, and Golem Bomber escapes.


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