:Not to be confused with Giant Gold, also known as Gold Bomber.

Golden Bomberman (also known as Golden Bomber or Gold Bomber) is a recurring status in the Bomberman series. When a player wins a set of matches in multiplayer, when the next match begins they have a golden color on their character. This element was introduced in Super Bomberman 2 as a way to reward the player for winning. With rare exceptions, Golden Bomber is not depicted as its own character.

Notable appearances

Super Bomberman 4

Gold Bomber falls into a black hole along with his friends in Super Bomberman 4. He is captured by Bazooka Bomber and can be freed by blowing up his Cage. He then sets bombs to help the player clear the stage.

Neo Bomberman

Golden Bomber is one of the contestants of a Bomberman tournament that is interrupted by Bagura. He is captured along with the other competitors and is placed in a Cage in Stage 4-6. When released, he wanders around, placing bombs and destroying Soft Blocks and enemies. Like the other caged characters, he has one Bomb, two Fire, and the Remote Bomb ability. He is worth 5,000 points.

As a playable character, pressing B and moving the joystick in any direction will make Golden Bomber dash in that direction. He continues to dash until he hits a wall or bomb or until the player moves him in another direction with the joystick.

His artwork depicts him in a red, kingly mantle that's not seen in-game.

Bomberman Hero

Gold Bomber reappears in a special mode that's unlocked after Evil Bomber is defeated. In this mode, Gold Bomber plays on three levels: Hole Lake, Big Cannon, and a unique stage. It is noted in this game that Gold Bomber is able to walk and breathe underwater.


In Bomberman B-Daman Bakugaiden, Golden Bomber makes a minor appearance.


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