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B64 - Ghosts

Ghost Mode is a feature specific to the Battle Game of Bomberman 64.


This is pretty much the Bomberman 64 equivalent of the Revenge Mode. When this option is enabled, the defeated players will turn into ghosts and will be able to get "revenge" on the other living players. Unlike their living counterpart, they are unable to lay Bombs, but can still kick the bombs from the other players, they can also grab items and bombs (without pumping them) and thrown them away and are able to hold players for a moment until they get rid of them. They can also collect items, although the items just disappear and is not really gathered (Hearts included, contrary to some beliefs). Ghosts players can also be stunned, and when they are destroyed they will reappear after couple of seconds at their point of respawn.

Once the Sudden Death starts, all the Ghost characters are removed from the maps.

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