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Were you looking for Great Gattaida from Super Bomberman R?

Gattaida (ガッタイダー, Gattaidā) is the final boss of Super Bomberman 3. It is the result of the union of the Five Dastardly Bombers and Professor Bagura.


  • Gattaida strafes randomly, moving between blocks. It never moves below the fifth row of the battlefield. It executes attacks at random. The player can tell which attack Gattaida is preparing for by the indicator above its head: the emblem within corresponds to one of the Dastardly Bombers' attacks.
  • Fists - When a bomb is placed in front of Gattaida, and it is not executing an attack, it will launch its hands forward. The hands sprout wings and take on a magnet shape, rocketing forward and detonating any bombs in their paths while protecting Gattaida from the ensuing explosions. When connecting with a bomb, the fists will pause before proceeding. This attack may also be executed at random.
  • Fire - Fire spreads out from the front of Gattaida in three directions. It will damage the players and detonate bombs.
  • Heart Bombs - Two spinning, panel-like Heart Bombs are released and move downward until they reach the next empty row on the map. The bombs then move opposite of each other, exploding at each intersection, until they reach the sides of the screen and disappear. The explosions increase in size as Gattaida takes more damage.
  • Missiles - Two rows of three missiles (six total) are launched, which attempt to follow the player if they are close enough.
  • Lasers - Two lasers are fired from Gattaida's hands. The lasers sweep back and forth across the battlefield, detonating bombs and damaging players caught in their paths.


Defeating this boss yields no score increase.


  • This is the only boss unnamed in the European instruction booklet; Gattaida comes from the Japanese guide.
  • The name "Gattaida" is derived from the Japanese word "gattai", meaning "union".
  • In Page 47 of Minasan! Bomberman Desuyo!! by Gen Satou (volume one), Bagura is seen piloting the Gattaida, with all five heads of the Five Dastardly Bombers on its body. Source can be read here.
  • Apparently, Gattaida appeared as a Bomberman B-Daman toy. Here, it shoots and holds a maximum of ten marbles.



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