Gary Bomber ( ガリーボンバー (Garībonbā) in Japanese) is a boss from Super Bomberman 5 and is one of the members of the Fiendish Bombers. Gary is a tall and thin character with a hat and tie. Gary is a cruel and heartless character who ran the underworld of Planet Bomber alongside Dave Bomber before he was confined in Bomber Prison. He is one of the bosses possible for Zone 2. He can lay a large number of bombs at one time but is not a very fast character. He has the ability to kick bombs and can also use Tracing Bombs against the player. He also drops a Kick item when defeated.



  • The name "Gari" (Gary) is a reference to the Japanese word "garigari", which is used to describe a very skinny person.
  • Gary resembles one of the members of the Blues Brothers.
  • Even though he is often pictured with Dave Bomber, the two of them do not fight together. However, the two of them are the only bosses for Zone 2.


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