The Garaden Empire were the main antagonists in Bomberman Hero.


The Garaden Empire attacked four planets Bomber Star, Primus Star, Kanatia Star, and Mazone Star to search for the four data disks needed to resurrect their emperor Bagura, whose body was destroyed in Super Bomberman 3. When Shirobon liberates the four planets and unknowingly brings the disks to Natia, who disguises herself as Princess Millian, she sends the disks to Garaden Star where Bagura would be later revived. After defeating the revived Four Devils of Garaden and Nitros, which freed him from Garaden's control, Shirobon battles Bagura and defeated him once again. Evil Bomber, who seems to be the true leader of the Garaden Empire, battles Shiro on Gossick Star and loses.


  • The reason why Evil Bomber and Shirobon know each other, is because they fought before in Bomberman GB 3.

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