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The Garaden Empire (ワルドス帝国, Warudosu Teikoku) were the main antagonists in Bomberman Hero.


The Garaden Empire attacked four planets Bomber Star, Primus Star, Kanatia Star, and Mazone Star to search for the four Data Disks needed to resurrect their emperor Bagura, whose body was destroyed in Super Bomberman 3. When White Bomberman liberated the four planets and unknowingly brought the disks to Natia, who disguised herself as Princess Millian, she sent the disks to Garaden Star, the base of the Empire, where Bagura would be later revived. After defeating the revived Four Devils of Garaden and Nitros, which freed him from Garaden's control, White Bomberman battled Bagura and defeated him once again. Evil Bomber, then watched the empire being destroyed, before being fought on Gossick Star and lost the fight.


Garaden Emblem

The empire emblem depicts the face of Bagura, which can be seen in the Submarines and Warships used by the Empire, as well as on the Garaden Star, the base of the Empire.


Four Devils of Garaden[]


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